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Financial Life Performance™ is a conversational construct that empowers those that enter such a courageous conversation to correct course, modify actions or purify focus so to live a financial life free of concern, crisis, or compromise.


The Financial Life Professional™ leverages LEGACY’s unique and proprietary process to help identify specific financial life breakdowns, allowing clients to produce measurable shifts, distinctions, breakthroughs and even transformations in their relationship with the state and future of their financial life.

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How can a Financial Life Professional™ help you?

  • Self identifying financial goals, ambitions, challenges, crisis and a NEW vision for empowering financial possibilities
  • Creating NEW personal, professional, and purposeful plans for action
  • Identifying and collapsing self limiting belief systems, views, and values
  • Measuring one’s Financial Life Quotient™ and devising a strategy to fill the knowledge gaps and areas for growing concern
  • Completing one’s Financial Life Vault™ getting whole, complete, and organized financially for life
  • Generating a NEW financial life plan to live and realize a Great Financial Life™, one that is whole, complete and performing
  • Getting straight with all stakeholders and advisors about what works and what doesn’t work financially in one's life
  • Defining new partnerships, relationships, and associations to qualified (licensed) advice providers
  • Eliminating low financial tolerances so to generate higher financial performance from people, products, and investments
  • Locating one's self at the source of financial results rather than chasing them
  • Potentially start a NEW business focused on being a contribution, making a difference, and linking pay check to purpose
  • Live, lead and leave a REAL LEGACY.





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Financial Life Planning

In order to prosper you need a plan. Our financial planning tools will get you back on the path to a Great Financial Life™.


Financial Organization

Everything has a place and everything in its place. Become financially invincible by knowing what you have, where it is and that is safe and ready to action at any moment. Start today!





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Ken Klinaftakis

Ken’s journey was such that he wanted to create a legacy for his children, something to leave behind other than debt. He found out that some of the most successful people in the world use or have Real Estate in their portfolio. So, in 2011, he began researching how to invest in Canadian Real Estate.

He found, studied and analyzed the majority of the REIN (Real Estate Investment Network) education models of investing in Canada. It was like drinking from a fire hose as he was blasted with tons of great information, which he had to break down into manageable sized pieces and then begin. In 2012, Ken purchased his first duplex, renovated it and rented it out. Using what he learned as well as the strategic partnerships created along the way, Ken began duplicating the process and purchased more property.

Given what he learned over the years and the results achieved, Ken found out that others want to invest but don’t have the time to “learn the ropes” as he did. So now, Ken is able to help others save time and money by leveraging his knowledge and experience to achieve their own desired financial results. He now applies this systematic model to Real Estate Investing to achieve investment goals for his clients and partners. Ken became a Realtor, so he could further be of service and to help others achieve the results they desire through Real Estate.

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