In the window below, you'll be introduced to the 3 assessments that make up the Financial Life Quotient. There is no pass or fail, this is merely a matter of understanding where you are when it comes to your relationship to a Great Financial Life, a life that is whole, complete and performing. 

The first is your Financial Life Intentionality, what's your financial focus, or where are you going? The second, your Financial Life Adversity Response Profile, the way in which you respond when a financial crisis occurs and how it affects you. The third is the Financial Life Preparedness, your level or degree of financial organization.

Take the assessments at your own pace to measure a dimension of your financial well-being which provides insight into your financial direction, stability and awareness. These assessments lead to a dashboard of your current state and identify any gaps that need to be addressed in your Great Financial Life. 

When complete, you'll have a good idea of whether you are living life by default or by design.  Start the courageous conversation with a Legacy Financial Life Professional about helping you live your Great Financial Life.

Let’s begin. 

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